The movement to milk alternatives.

You only need to look in the dairy section of stores across North America to notice more products that offer consumers a choice other than traditional dairy milk. The milk alternative category is growing at significant rates and this trend has now become a mainstream movement. What’s behind it?


Growing awareness of the benefits of plant-based eating.


Avoidance of foods with bad cholesterol and saturated/trans fats.


Allergies, food sensitivities and lactose intolerance.


An increasing desire for variety, new flavours and options.


Concerns for sustainability, the environment & emissions of greenhouse gases.


Ethical beliefs, and a move away from consuming animal products.

Our non-dairy products make it simpler and easier to eat healthy.

Replacing dairy milk products with delicious, nutritious alternatives is a simple, easy way for someone to make a healthy change that doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. This one small change can help improve the quality of life for both the individual and our planet as a whole. At Global Gardens Group, we will continue to innovate and create non-dairy products that all kinds of people will embrace, for all kinds of reasons.